3 Mormons Refuted

What’s Up Heathens! Today we start a two-part episode where I tackle the 3 Mormons responding to atheism.Basically, it boils down to the fact that they feel that evolution is a hoax and atheists are all nihilists that have no meaning in their lives.

The 3 Mormons start out with a cold open that is just so relatable /sarc. Then they move into talking about the atheist community on youtube calling us an “army” and highlighting TJ Kirk in their example of an atheist. I like TJ but even he would say that he’s not representative of all atheists on youtube. They throw pedantic remarks his way and make fun of atheists and their love of reading books and stuff. I mean you really only need one book… the Book of Mormon.

They then talk about the differences between atheists and agnostics. They seem to set them apart like you can only be one or the other. That’s simply not true. There is a thing called “pure agnostic” but I think that muddies the conversation. You can be both agnostic and atheist. It’s not mutually exclusive.

Then they talk about the moral positives of religion versus the amoral position of atheism. They talk about addiction and how it’s basically either you’re not an alcoholic or you’re a full-blown alcoholic. This highlights the juvenile thinking that is implemented by their indoctrination.

Finally, we end up talking about the reasons why people either do good things or bad things. They chalk the good things up to just being Mormon because apparently, that makes you good. They paint atheists as these people that have nothing to live for at all. That is complete horseshit. If anything, atheists have more to live for in this life than Mormons because we know this is the only life we are guaranteed to have.

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