Atheists aren’t Pathetic or Juvenile

What’s up Heathens! Today we are looking at comments of the day. We range from atheists are pathetic to some very not advertiser-friendly content.

First, we start off with a rather salty individual asking me why I like to felacio satan’s member. He also wonders if it is very salty but I argue that it’s nowhere near as salty as he is. Then we have a man that asks a few questions about Atheists. At what point in your lonely and miserable life did you decide to be an atheist? well to be quite honest it was never really all that miserable. He also is sure to throw in insecurity about my member size as a reason for my atheism. This is the worst set of insults I have found.

Next, we have a young woman asking about evolution and why we don’t find transitional species buy shoes at KMart. There have always been transitional species because every species is evolving even right now. We see this in the Rhinos of Africa as they proceed to lose their horns due to poaching. Life is always evolving. Then we have some flat earth nonsense about how the only way to believe in a globe earth is through our TV sets.

Muhammad then tries to suggest that atheists, Christians, and other faiths are too coward to get circumcised when in actuality most Christians, at least in the US, still get circumcised. These assumptions that people make are ridiculous. Finally, we get to atheists have a pathetically juvenile worldview, says the man that believes snakes and donkeys can talk. I don’t understand this statement because if anything religious people have the juvenile and pathetic worldview. They are guilt-ridden and emotionally abused but pretend its a good thing because their abusers say it is.