Facebook Post, Anti-vaxxer womanAnti-Vaxxers Are Stupid

What’s up Heathens! Today an anti-vaxxer woman has a strange rant about vaccinated people spreading sickness to the unvaccinated because she doesn’t understand how vaccines work. She could do a little research but then again anti-vaxxers don’t really research at all.

The first comment on the show today is a backhanded compliment. I love these types of compliments because they are usually very creative. Not this one though. Next comment is about how Pascal’s wager is a better argument than atheism as a whole. That is just a stupid sentiment and clearly shows how little this person actually thinks before they speak.

Ah, flat-earthers are always fun to interact with. Today’s flat earth comment is an ad-populum argument about that ODD TV channel that I responded to recently. Apparently, the number of subscribers you have is a clear indication of truth (no it’s not). Next, we discuss what atheists believe in general. We don’t have any beliefs as atheists. We have a nonbelief as atheists. I have a number of beliefs as a person though. You can label me as a lot of things like humanist, egalitarian, feminist, etc.

Finally, there is the anti-vaxxer woman. This woman thinks that vaccinated people can get other people sick by being vaccinated. This is often called “vaccine shedding” and rarely ever actually causes someone to get sick. It’s ridiculous that someone can be so ignorant of information in this age of information.