Why Do Atheists Hate Jesus When He Saved You?

Why Do Atheists Hate Jesus When He Saved You?

We Don’t

What’s Up Heathens! Today we are discussing some comments. They range from absurdly fighting a porno witch and answering the question why do atheists hate Jesus.

I’m still not sure what a porn-witch would be. They seem to think it’s just if you like watching/looking at porn then you have a porn witch. Then there is some mumbo-jumbo that nobody knows what they are talking about.

Next, we have a flat-earther telling us how the eclipse works without the earth, sun, and moon being globes. He is screaming and he is wrong lol. He says that the moon has it’s own light which it doesn’t. He talks about a literal Bible interpretation as the correct version of earth.

Pumpkin Spice and Jesus… enough said.

Why do we hate Jesus? Atheists don’t hate Jesus at all. It’s as fruitless as hating Voldemort.

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