Off To Satanic Oz We Go

What’s Up Heathens! Today we are checking out a Christian Satanic Wizard of Oz video that is just horribly produced. I hope you don’t have nightmares.

So we start off with Dorothy or whoever falling out of the sky. I really hate those kinds of dreams. Where you’re falling and falling… except Dorothy’s butt hit the pavement. Then an angel pops up and tells her what has happened. Then the devil shows up looking like a creepy uncle ready to explore her cave. He tries to offer her various things to entice her into sin. Meanwhile, I’m waiting for Chris Hanson to step out and ask him a series of uncomfortable questions. When Dorothy refuses, Satan farts and disappears.

Dorothy then starts her journey only to find a crucified scarecrow asking her about how to get some faith. Then they come across the tin man who is interrupted by an Ed Gein look alike. I couldn’t understand what in the world he was saying at all. Then they make their way to the Silver City because the Emerald city would be too close to the original version. An addict answers the door and they get into the Silver City to talk to the Prophet of Oz.

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