Scientific Proof Jesus Resurrected via Shroud Of Turin

Scientific Proof Jesus Resurrected via Shroud Of Turin

The Shroud Of Turin is Fake

What’s up Heathens! Today we are discussing some “new” scientific proof that Jesus resurrected and it includes the Shroud of Turin. Apparently, there is only one explanation for the shroud and that is a black hole forming and causing Jesus to resurrect. I don’t see how this is scientific.

So first they start out talking about how the fibrils on the shroud are aged far more than the rest of the shroud. I don’t see how they tested for that specifically but ok. Then they progress to talk about how the shroud has never been reproduced and that nothing explains the shroud image. In fact, there have been a couple people to reproduce the shroud in the recent past. Of course, it’s not exactly like the Shroud of Turin but they are close enough to be a reasonable explanation.

Now we get into the weird stuff. They start talking about black holes and how at the event horizon of a black hole physics breaks down. They bring in a woman that did a 3d model of the shroud image. She claims that Jesus had to be in a zero gravity situation with the shroud pulled taut against his body. So basically Jesus was vacuum sealed into the shroud. Then they propose that a black hole formed and created an event horizon where physics broke down and Jesus resurrected.

Then they get an Astronaut who started a Noetic Science group. He suggests that every physical thing in this world has a holographic image projected of itself everywhere at all times. This is especially crazy because he suggests that Jesus’ resurrection was broadcasted to the entire universe at once.

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