Joshua Feuerstein’s Golden Globe Hypocrisy

Joshua Feuerstein’s Golden Globe Hypocrisy

Feuerstein Fails Again

What’s Up Heathens! Today we venture back into the world of Joshua Feuerstein with his Golden Globe video. In this video, he shows how misogynistic and hypocritical he actually is. He doesn’t care about sexual abuse, assault, or harassment victims. He cares about getting his fan base riled up and angry.

Feuerstein starts out by calling out the Golden Globe actresses and actors. He says they are hypocrites because they dressed a certain way, namely they looked like hookers. I get that hookers stereotypically look a certain way, but no matter what someone wears it doesn’t mean they are hookers or want sex. He then asserts they are just overpaid porn stars. That is a serious hasty generalization. Pornstars are actors and actresses but the primary focus in that entertainment is the sex whereas in movies it is not. Sex is simulated in movies most of the time and sometimes it is integral to the plot of the movie.

Feuerstein fails to grasp the difference in the context between the two situations, which is surprising for a Christian apologist. I call him out on his hypocrisy when he brings up anti-gun violence actors. He says that they still perform in movies that have gun violence in them while denouncing gun violence. This is, of course, a strawman argument. Regardless of these actors exist, Feuerstein is acting like gun violence is a bad thing when he himself has promoted gun violence.

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