Created By A Con-Man

What’s Up Heathens! Today’s video was originally just something that KC recorded late one night and she convinced me to put it up on the channel. Mormonism is crazy.

So in a nutshell, The origins of Moromism start with a con-man conning people out of money by using magical seer stones to find their lost stuff in the woods. He was arrested and confessed to defrauding people. He served 6 months in jail and then decided he would use the magical seer stones to find these golden plates out in the woods.

Once he had these magical plates, he convinced a friend of his to help him translate. After they were done translating, the guy’s wife ripped up all the work and said: “Do it again.” Smith said he could do it but it would be different this time. Of course it would be. Why should I expect there to be consistency to this story given that it is engraved on magical fucking gold plates?

That’s how you have Mormonism. Smith later dies while in prison for destroying a newspaper for exposing his polygamy. An angry mob came to the jail where Smith surrendered himself and his brother. The mob stormed the jailhouse and shot his brother in the face. Smith himself either died from falling out of the second story of the jailhouse or a firing squad.

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