Evangelical Pastor Caught Running Prostitution Ring

Evangelical Pastor Caught Running Prostitution Ring

But he’s a prophet

Walter Brazington Jr. is part of an Evangelistic team that travels and tells people about their lord and savior Jesus Christ. He also ran a prostitution ring in Broken Arrow, OK.


According to the group’s website, Brazington refers to himself as a prophet and an apostle, and he claims to have been preaching since 1981.

A prophet and an apostle? Apparently he couldn’t prophesize getting arrested after one of his “workers” knowingly spread HIV to his clients.  This story is important because atheists are often portrayed as those lacking morality and trustworthiness. I’m not saying that religion makes you do horrible shit but it is often used as a shield for horrible shit that happens. There are so many types of these stories in which a person’r religiosity is used as a defense. Just because someone is irreligious or religious doesn’t make them a good person.

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