Inanna’s Passion Narrative Matches Jesus Resurrection Narrative

Inanna’s Passion Narrative Matches Jesus Resurrection Narrative

Narrative after narrative

What’s Up Heathens! Today we are going to connect the Descent of Inanna to the Jesus Resurrection Narrative. The skeleton of the Inanna story can be found to match to the Jesus resurrection narrative in several ways.

First off we don’t expect the story to exactly be paralleled in the Jesus narrative but we would expect some common ideas or themes that are prominent in both narratives. In the beginning, Inanna abandoned her throne to journey to the underworld and predicted to her followers what would happen prior to her death. She asked for 3 men to be asked for help but only the 3rd one will help. She was also foretold that she would die albeit that is what is assumed by going to the underworld. In this narrative, she is crucified when she gets down there. She is attacked verbally and with Mick Jagger face prior to being “turned into a corpse and hung on a hook.”  This is the most obvious connection to Jesus.

Next, she spends 3 days and nights being dead. She is brought back to life via magic plants and water. She goes to ascend from the underworld but must provide them with a substitute. Her Husband Tammuz didn’t mourn her death so he was substituted but ultimately was saved. Obviously, the 3 days and nights is a match for Jesus. Of course, Jesus didn’t have to leave a substitute person behind but we would expect the Jews to present a savior that is more powerful than the old Gods.  If Jesus was just as powerful, then he’d just be another agricultural God. Inanna’s treatment before her death is paralleled in Jesus’ narrative. Both Jesus and Inanna predicted what would happen to them. Both were seen by their followers after they ascended.

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