Real Christians Can't Leave Christianity (No True Scotsman)

It's The Worst Argument

Hey, Heathens! Today we have some good comments, bad comments, and batshit comments. We also have a comment that is critical my performance in videos, which I will address.

First, we start off with some love from Scarlett who likes the GE Channel and then I contrast that with some batshit insane comment about me being demonic.

Then we get to the "constructive criticism" about how I'm not an intellectual channel and everyone should go to other channels like Rationality Rules, Genetically Modified Skeptic, and Cosmic Skeptic. I agree those channels are awesome and You should definitely be subscribed to those guys. My content is very different in that I choose to respond in a very different way. I'm more of a laugh at the stupidity with a sprinkle of knowledge. The channels mentioned are like steak dinners where the steak is intellectual and informative information. I'm here to have fun and I hope you guys have fun with me.

Then there is the age-old instance of someone saying that Joshua Feuerstein and I look alike. We aren't brothers.

Then I take my non-intellectual content to the extreme by explaining how terminal velocity in a vacuum works with visuals.

Finally, we cover how Ken Ham invented a new race while sounding racist as fuck and why No True Scotsman will never be a good argument.

Created: 2017-11-08 07:14:57

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