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Sheikh Explains Scientific Proof Of God In The Quran

It's Not A Science Book

Hey, Heathens! Today we have Iseth joining us to help debunk a Sheikh that says there is scientific proof of God in the Quran. Of course, none of it is science and he even says that the Quran isn't a science textbook or a book of science.

He starts out strong by talking about various things he calls miracles and then stating "how could the prophet of known that." He does this with the Sun, Moon, and Earth. He does it with water and living things. Apparently, absolutely everything is made from water. Oh and Iseth gets a little damaged by the stupidity.

He also talks about pregnancy and how there are 7 stages but that's not proof because we have been having babies for long before the Quran was written. At this point, it seems like he brainstormed his talk with a 5 yo kid because it's just a childish way to look at things.

Created: 2017-11-03 07:15:03

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