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Creationist Says Evolution Claims Man Created God

No, Evolution Doesn't Say That

What's up Heathens! Today we have a video I collaborated on with the Prophet Of Zod where we tackle his old pastor. He basically thinks that lying about evolution will disprove evolution. We are here to squash that shit right now.

So this pastor starts off by going through a whole bunch of quotes from people who say that evolution is false, impossible, religious, and so forth. He prefaces it by saying that only one of these people is a creationist. That was shown to be a lie because most of them on the list are indeed creationists or sympathetic to the creationist worldview. The rest of them he takes out of context in order for them to support his position. Regardless of their biases, using quotes to prove your point is a tactic used by creationists and is called the Argument from Authority.

He goes on to talk about how impossible evolution is using a horrible example of a plane circling the air and a guy diving into some quarters and pulling out the correct one the first time for 100 days. This is ridiculous and in no way represents the actual way that evolution works.

Created: 2017-11-02 07:11:01

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