Crazy Man Confronts Atheist About Facebook Ban

Don't Mess With Crazy

HEY, HEATHENS! We have a few harmless comments and one big doozy of a comment. We go from "You couldn't get laid" to "Ring of outlaws."

So we have some comments today that are quite crazy. First, we have this person who thinks I can't get laid. I won't go into detail, but they are very wrong. Then we have someone that doesn't understand agnosticism and atheism. I admit that I don't know if God exists but I don't believe one exists. This person just doesn't understand basic words.

Finally, we get to Bobby. Bobby seems to be incredibly butthurt over getting a ban on Facebook. Not from the whole site mind you. Just from my facebook page. He is so angered that he wants a ring of outlaws to surround us as we discuss homosexuality being a choice.

Created: 2017-11-01 08:10:43

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