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Christians Shouldn't Celebrate Halloween For Stupid Reasons

Halloween Is Not Wrong

Hey, Heathens! Today we have the girls from girl defined trying to manipulate girls into think that Christians shouldn't celebrate Halloween. It's fine to celebrate Halloween.

First, they emphasize how much they don't want to discuss the historical significance of Halloween but would rather think about how it glorifies God. Everything has to glorify god except for their current costumes they are wearing.

They talk about Halloween worshipping death and that their god has defeated death. That part confuses me because their God never defeats death. He is eternal to them. The Messiah, Jesus, was inconvenienced but never actually died. So I legit have no idea what they are thinking here.

Finally, they suggest doing fall parties that glorify God instead. That is ridiculous especially given the fact that they try manipulating the audience into doing what they want. They say they have pumpkin spice parties which makes me have some wild ideas.

Created: 2017-10-30 07:10:25

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