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Space Doesn't Exist Because Satan Lies

Satan's Science Squad

So Today space doesn't exist because Satan and his minions wants us to believe that it exists. Satan's minions are played by top scientists that say we have empirical proof that space exists.

He starts off saying how he is skeptical of things he was taught which is good. I hope he does that but then he goes off and just fucks it up. He says space isn't real because illuminaughty reasons. He also says that humans can't go into space because an astronaut almost died in a test. It is true that an astronaut was in an incident while testing the space suits but it doesn't mean that people can't use the suits to go into space.

He also said that satellites don't exist because he doesn't understand how orbits work. He thinks they would just fly in all directions and crash into one another. I show him the ISS passing in front of the eclipse lol.

He rounds it off by taking a hard left and saying that Satan is the reason why people believe space exists.

Created: 2017-10-27 08:02:05

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