Zaunstar's Unique Perspective On Growing Up Irreligious

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What's Up Heathens! Today we have an interview with Zaunstar. I've been subscribed to Zaunstar since 2014, apparently, and I really do enjoy his content. I think it's so awesome that reached out to me to do a collaboration video.

We talk about what it was like growing up for him. He was irreligious from the start so he does have a somewhat unique perspective. We talk about his first experiences with religion and what that was like. Then he gives advice to all those that are questioning things and to those that are new to atheism.

We also talk about what motivated him to create his channel. On Patreon we discuss what channel's he suggests for any new atheist or someone that is questioning. He also likes to game and travel, which is covered in the Patreon video.

Created: 2017-10-26 13:03:30

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