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Atheists Are Wasting Their Time On God

No, We Aren't

Today we have a few comments to discuss. Mainly though it's about being told that atheists waste their time on God or things they just don't believe.

First up, I have a big head. That's all the comment lays out. I have a big head to hold all my massively awesome ideas in. Next, Is it better to ignore YEC people like Ken Ham? Of course, it isn't. There always needs to be a voice of reason in the fog of ignorance. Then there is something about me not being able to get laid in creative ways. Nothing of value but it's fun to add a drunken voice to it.

Some guy goes into a long diatribe about me that ends with criticizing my use of curse words while he himself says "fuck" to drive his point. Also, he calls me a fat turd nugget.

Finally, we get to the meat of the video. Atheists are just wasting their time on shit they don't believe in. When most of the nation believes there is a magical man in the sky listening to your prayers for what the fuck ever, yes we have to worry about shit we don't believe in. Mainly because politicians and the like are using this imaginary person as the reason to do a lot of bullshit.

Created: 2017-10-25 07:25:29

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