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Moses Parts the Red Sea With His Big Thick Staff

Moses and his staff

Today on the Daily Bible Podcast, We have Moses using his big thick staff to part the Red Sea to say his people from the imminent threat God concocted to scare them into believing and trust him.

Last time we had the Israelites leaving out of Egypt after god slaughtered a bunch of kids. They also stole stuff on their way out. It was really stealing because god manipulated their free will so they would give the stuff to the Israelites. They then set out on the journey out of Egypt.

At some point during the journey, God again tampered with the free will of Pharaoh and had him change his mind about letting the Israelites go. He then sends basically his whole army after them to bring them back. On his way there God hinders them with a fog so they don't get too close to the Israelites.

Meanwhile, Moses and his people are stopped by the Red Sea. The people start to freak out so Moses starts to part the sea the night before. It takes all night for the WIND to part the sea. So he has a highspeed wind tunnel that is parting the sea and they just walk through it like nothing is happening.

They get to the other side and god drowns Pharaoh's men because they had caught up to them but not in enough time to be able to turn around before the sea swallowed them up.


Created: 2017-10-24 07:18:52

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