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Dr. Gene Kim Says Atheists Are Dumb For 3 Reasons

We're Not The Dumb Ones

Today, we are discussing why atheists are dumb with Dr. Gene Kim. He seems to think that there are 3 primary ways that atheists display their stupidity.

First, there is the "How can you believe in Creationism when you never saw it?" He tries to compare this to never seeing the Big Bang happen or Evolution occurring. Both of those things have massive amounts of evidence to suggest that they did indeed happen. There is no evidence to suggest that "God Did It" is a viable thing to believe.

Next statement is "I can't believe God exists until he shows up in front of me." This is not dumb. Their religion has a safeguard for this whole statement though because faith is a primary component. He takes a different route and uses a Watchmaker argument.

Finally, he has his strawatheist ask "How can an all-good God exist when he lets all these bad things happen?" He claims this is internally inconsistent in that at first it doesn't have god existing then it does have god existing. That is not what the question does. He can reform it so it makes more sense to him, but they do not admit to a god existing at all. A lot of times we have to speak from the position of the other person. Suggesting that if it were true, how would you explain X inconsistency.

Created: 2017-10-23 04:11:50

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