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100% Scientific Proof That Jesus Is Coming Back ft. Joshua Feuerstein

Totes Proof this time guise

Feuerstein thinks that Jesus is coming back soon. He has all the scientific evidence for this as well.

He has embraced this new format that has been successful with other people on Facebook. Putting a title on the top and bottom of the video and doing a landscape type shot. Finally, a reason for him to learn how to use landscape mode on his phone.

He tries to freak everyone out because he managed to google some shit for once. It's like he's the old guy that just realized that there is a shit ton of information at his fingertips and he got overloaded with information. He tries the shock aspect by stating that there were 78 earthquakes in the past month.

Please, Josh.

There were actually 41K earthquakes in the past month bud. That's the average for a single month of the year. For every year.


Created: 2017-10-16 04:47:52

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