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NormalizeAtheism Doesn't Actually Want To Normalize Atheism

I have been against the NormalizeAtheism campaign not because I don't want our group normalized, but because certain people are leading the charge. They don't actually want to normalize atheism.

Mark and Steve only want to normalize their brand of atheists. Their "culturally" and "morally" superior atheists. They have demonstrated this by the fact that they don't actually welcome people that they consider to be "creepy" and "suck" atheists. Mark even stated that they wouldn't be welcomed at any future NormalizeAtheism events.

KC and I did post an image of Armoured Skeptic, Shoe, and Sargon to them and they had to include them. I'm sure that really chapped their asses about it. They didn't even add them inclusively. They called them creep's and suck atheists.

Not to mention the fact that Steve has about half of the atheists blocked already.

Created: 2017-10-13 07:56:20

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