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Atheism Is Intellectually Dishonest

Intellectually what?

Last time, Deflating Atheism said that you need to prove there is no evidence for god. Now he's saying that atheists are intellectually dishonest.

It's hard to follow how he rationalizes that we are actually the intellectually dishonest ones. He says that saying atheism is merely a lack of belief is dishonest. He forces the position of gnostic atheism on every atheist. He accuses atheists of disregarding any evidence that might sway them. He connects his argument to his previous video by saying that claiming the non-existence of god has as much burden of proof as there being no evidence. He presupposes that atheists consider themselves "arbiter of all evidence."

Basically he claims that we are too arrogant to believe and god and in fact will not believe in god as a core principle of our character.

Created: 2017-10-11 07:07:51

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