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Reaction To Christian Facebook Posts About Sin City Incident

Good Without God

Previously I had done one of these concerning the hurricanes, so I decided to do one concerning a certain incident in sin city. Basically only Jesus can stop this stuff from happening and Sin City is getting taken over by Jesus.

All of these posts are ridiculous. Some of them concern the idea of God not being in the hearts of people and that is why these things happen. That doesn't explain why so many fanatics are doing so either for their religion or are part of a religion.

One gave a list of religious people that committed while having god on their minds but yet blame godless society for causing them. You can't list off 3 religious fanatics and then blame a godless society.

Another post said that Sin City was becoming Jesus City because people were saving others in the crowd. Because as we all know only jesufied people can be good. That's a ridiculous notion, offensively so.

All in all, these posts are ridiculous.

Created: 2017-10-10 06:34:19

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