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Man Protests NFL Players Protesting By Burning $450 Jacket

 Burn, baby, burn

So this guy decides that he's going to stand for freedom and protest NFL Players protesting by burning his jacket. You can't stand for freedom then protest the active use of that freedom.

I get that he's angry with is prized team opting to stay out of the National Anthem. You can be angry and even voice that anger on any platform you want to. Don't sit there and constantly say that you stand for freedom while you actively protest the same freedom. At that point, you stand for fascism and thought control.

This guy wants people to think like he does and only protests in ways he deems as acceptable. I've noticed this same kind of thought process coming from the far left as I see it from the far right. They are the same side just with different goals.

I do not like nationalism because it generally has you putting the country's government before the people in the country. People are far more important and that should be the focus of any modern society. 

Created: 2017-10-09 10:45:14

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