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Flat Earthers Only Speak Intelligently, More Gravity Denial

The Have The Best Intelligence

Today we have some people that hate that I crap on Flat earth stuff. In general, they just call me fat and only lob personal insults my direction which I really only care about because they are hilarious.

So we start off with a girl that says that flat-earthers are always the calm and well-spoken individuals, which I then proceed to take a steaming crap on. The next few comments are basically flat earthers presenting their calm, well-spoken insults that are supposed to affect me somehow. They don't.

We end up with some people telling me that I am a tool of Satan and that my faith destroys other people or other people's faith. That's ridiculous and gives way too much credit to atheism itself.


Created: 2017-10-03 08:49:40

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