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NASA Can't Get Through The Van Allen Radiation Belt

Yes, They Can

Today we have some flat-earthers making some really bad arguments and just generally insulting me.

First, we have someone that thinks we can't get through the Van Allen radiation belt. Of course, we can get through it. It's ridiculous to say that we can't. There are weak areas in the belts and if you plan your path out appropriately we can get through them with minimal exposure to radiation. He also mentioned how the photograph left by an astronaut wasn't damaged. I don't know why it has to be damaged or why the damage couldn't be taken over time.

Next comment, the guy doesn't understand the format of response videos. If you can't handle the format, there is a source link in all my videos. Fucking use it.

The third comment, says I am a liar and that rockets do not work in space. The rockets never get to actual space. They are depleted well before that point.

The fourth comment is about how I can't even talk and I need to take my government issued pills. Because real arguments against my position don't exist.

Final guy pegs me as a McDonald's engineer.

Created: 2017-09-27 06:00:05

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