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Christianity Is the Only True Religion

No, it isn't

Today we have videos telling us how Christianity is the only way and all other religions are false. He presents how to get around the uncomfortable fact that the Bible strictly says that it is the only way.

He starts off by admitting that this is an uncomfortable thing and may rub people the wrong way. He then lays out how to get around that whole uncomfortable fact. Basically suggesting that it's an exclusive religion but inclusive because everyone can choose to be Christians. It's a bullshit way to go about it. They are basically teaching how to spread their propaganda properly so they can spread the religion.

He says that Christianity is truer than other religions because it has a connection to reality whereas the others do not. This is ridiculous. They don't seem to understand that Christianity has the exact same connection to reality as every other religion. That is to say that it doesn't.

Created: 2017-09-20 05:57:31

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