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God's Message, Hurricane Irma, Stopped By Prayer

No, It Wasn't

Today we have Christians both saying how prayer stopped the hurricane and how the hurricanes are a message from God. It's legit ridiculous what people will do to confirm their own preconceptions.

So first we have Lance Wallanau. Lance says that his prayer moved the hurricane to the west and caused it to fly a specific path. That doesn't account for the fact that it followed a projected path for the storm and still destroyed a lot of places. He seems to think that it's just the eye of the storm that has damage potential. It's actually the surrounding whether that is the problem. The weather that would have hit the places he says escaped unscathed. It doesn't work like a tornado Lance.

Next, we have the Benham Brothers. These two crap people say that it's our acceptance of the LGBT community that has caused the hurricanes. As if some kind of rejection of that would have prevented the hurricanes. That is nonsense. Man-made climate change is responsible for the intense hurricanes we have seen but Hurricanes, in general, are a common occurrence DURING HURRICANE SEASON!!!!

We follow these videos up with some social media posts. People basically confirming their faith because the hurricane followed a natural course of events. Being that once it hit land it would degrade over time. To these people, it was definitely the prayer that shifted and reduced the hurricane as it marched inland.

Created: 2017-09-18 06:56:41

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