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Pastor Shows Absolute Proof God Exists

Totally new arguments /sarc

Pastor Chris Holzer is going to show us absolute proof that God exists and why we shouldn't believe in evolution. Hold onto your butts, new arguments are coming... not really.

He starts off with the misconception that Atheism makes the claim to know that God doesn't exist. That is not at all what atheism is. Atheism is just a lack of belief in something... nothing more. He is trying to prove that God definitely exists and that there is proof he exists.

Next, he moves the goal post by telling us that God exists outside of all space/time so science cannot be used to detect him. If I said that about flying unicorns he would write me off as a lunatic. Why shouldn't I do the same thing? He is moving the goal post in order to protect his faith.

Next claim, he says that there has to be a god for "right" and "wrong" to exist. Being that "right" and "wrong" are totally subjective terms, it makes no sense that they need God in order to have definitions or descriptions.

Finally, he poorly assaults the ideas of Evolution and the Big Bang Theory. He seems to think m nothing exploded and out popped the earth, planets, stars, and just everything in the galaxy all at once.

Created: 2017-09-13 07:19:11

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