Eric Hovind Flagged By FDA For Selling False Cancer Cure

B17 Isn't a Cancer Cure

Eric Hovind is under fire for selling a fake cancer cure via Creation Today. Back in June he was selling the B17 Vitamins as a cancer cure, which is a big no no and the FDA noticed. He got around it for a long time by not making the pills himself and selling them paired with other materials and claims about it curing cancer. 

Paulogia emphasizes the qualifications of the proponent of these claims:

Griffin's other works decry the Federal Reserve as a banking cartel, assert that HIV does not cause AIDS, promote the chemtrail conspiracy, and claim to have located the remains of Noah's Ark. This is the man Eric is leaning on for his medical claims.
That is a well-rounded background in bullshit. Seems like Eric is a bit of a conspiracy theorist nut that he doesn't like to overtly show. Genetically Modified Skeptic points out how the damage is already done by Eric.
Even though the claims in the book and the supplements can no longer be sold together the damage is done those interested in buying the supplements from him already know the claims being made about them and for anyone new to his site they can still see the claims made about the supplement right there in the related products.
Watch both Paulogia and GM Skeptic below for more information.

Created: 2017-09-12 09:58:05

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