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Christians Pray To Stop Hurricane Irma

God cannot stop a hurricane

Today we are going over the stupid reactions from Christians on social media. People's reactions range from praying for physics to mysteriously work differently than it actually works to conspiracy theories about Donald Trump.

Lance Wallnau is a pastor that thinks he can persuade God to bring more high pressure on top of the Hurricane and raise the millibars inside the Hurricane. As we all know, Irma strengthened to a Cat 5 before hitting Cuba, reduced to a cat 3, then strengthened to a cat 4 when it hit Florida. The only way that Hurricanes will weaken is to hit land.

Then we go into other posts on facebook where people either present blatantly false information or conspiracy theories. For the most part, people think that God is trying to send a message. That's just ridiculous. You mean to tell me the creator of the universe can't tell us something without sending fucking hurricanes.

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Created: 2017-09-11 08:35:27

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