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EXPOSED: 100% Proof The Moon Landing Was Faked

Flat Earth Debunked

So Flat Earth Asshole is telling us that Nasa can't be trust and the moon landing was faked. These claims are always ridiculous and completely disregard all the information that we have about the Apollo missions.

He, of course, starts off with a Neil DeGrasse Tyson clip where he says that we have Apollo pictures of the earth from the moon that show the world is a globe. He says those pictures are faked because the earth, from the perspective of the moon, looks small. But in more contemporary images it shows the moon in relation to the earth and it's smaller. He totally dismisses the entire concept of perspective. Of course, from the moon, the earth will seem small. If you go to a vantage point that can put the moon and earth into the same shot then you will see the moon's relative size to the earth. That doesn't mean the pictures from the surface of the moon are faked.

Then he suggests the moon landing didn't even happen. Saying the lunar lander looks like something a child would make in their garage with scotch tape and wire hangers. He neglects the fact that the lunar lander had to be light weight because it and the orbiter had to be launched into space. The lighter you make the payload the less fuel you need to get the payload into space. It's logic but FEA has tossed logic out the window long ago.


Created: 2017-09-04 08:05:46

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