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Debunked: Ancient Aliens Created Nuclear Reactors

Shitty Alien Technology

Today we are looking at a video that suggests that Ancient Aliens created nuclear reactors 1.8 Billion years ago. These Ancient Aliens, despite having the technology to get here, build shitty nuclear reactors.

These aliens are really shit at doing anything. These nuclear reactors are so poor they hardly put out enough power to even matter to an intelligent lifeform. Uranium was abundant 2 Billion years ago. There was also a great oxidization event that increased the amount of oxygen from 1% to 15%. This is important because oxidized uranium is easily soluble in water. Water deposited the uranium in the areas of these reactors. Later water eroded the sandstone which the uranium was contained in and that uranium collected in deposits. The same water source that washed away the sandstone would fill the deposits immediate area and serve as a moderating agent. These nuclear reactors would be turned on and off in constant intervals for about 1M years.

That's why the uranium was depleted by 0.003% at Gabon. This isn't one deposit, there are about 16 deposits at Gabon that resulted in a natural nuclear reactor. The only one that hasn't been mined out is about 30KM from Gabon.

Created: 2017-08-30 04:37:39

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