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Flat Earther Debunks Gravity and Curved Horizon

No, gravity isn't fake

Today we are debunking the flat earth asshole as he tries to debunk gravity and a curved horizon. He doesn't debunk them he just half-asses science like any other flat earth idiot.

So, first, he tries to debunk gravity saying that it's just higher density objects will naturally sink and less dense objects will float. He suggests that weight also has something to do with it but the weight is a product of gravity. Weight is different on different planets because they have different amounts of gravity. Density and weight do have something to do with buoyancy and how we observe things but all that can't happen without gravity.

Second, he suggests that the horizon isn't curved and that it's called the horizon because it's horizontal. The horizon is an imaginary line where the "sky" meets the earth. From a small local perspective, it would seem flat. If you go up high enough you can see the curve. He tries to show how you can't see the curve from high up but you obviously can see it from there. He tries really hard to deny it.

Next week, he explains how the moon landing was faked and why we shouldn't trust NASA.

Created: 2017-08-28 04:45:52

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