Jacob and Joseph Dies, 12 Tribes Are Born || GE's Daily Bible Podcast, Day 21

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So first up today on the Daily Bible Podcast, we have Jacob dying and naming the 12 tribes of Isreal and Joseph dies as well rounding out genesis.

Jacob is dying and he gathers his sons around him. He basically steals two of Joseph's sons from him and says they will have tribes as well. I mean honestly that makes Jacob a bit of a dick and Joseph a cuck. He pretty much tells the fates of each tribe of Israel. Basically the only one that comes out on top is Judah. 12 is a prophetic number in the Bible. 12 will go on to be a representative of Israel.

Joseph dies too. He asks them to bury him with his father but they bury him in Egypt. Because they are dicks.

Created: 2017-08-22 09:26:10

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