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Proof the Full Solar Eclipse Is A Hoax EXPOSED

The Bible Is Correct Cause Bible

Today we tackle some proof the full solar eclipse is a hoax. This is part of the flat earth debunked series where I respond to ridiculous flat earth videos. This guy has no idea how the earth, the sun, and moon work ... at all.

First, he suggests that scientists don't want you looking at the sun. This is demonstrably wrong because they sell eclipse glasses so you can look at it. Scientists want people to experience this seldom occurring event. He seems to think that you can look at the sun without glasses on. This is the first indication that the person that is talking eats paint chips on a regular basis.

Next, he moves onto the disinformation. He says that 500 years ago we believed in a flat earth. That's demonstrably false because in the 6th century BCE the hypothesis was constructed. By the 3rd century BCE, it was pretty much common knowledge. The heliocentric model was introduced at about 500 years ago. I think that is what he meant.

Then he cues the bible talk. He suggests that only the way to know the truth is in the bible. He uses the Bible as a standard for the globe model and basically just says that the Bible is the ultimate authority without any good reason.

Created: 2017-08-21 05:46:42

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