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David Barton: America Is Based On Christianity

No, America isn't

So, David Barton says that America is based on Christianity. He's wrong, but so is the idea that this guy has a real PH. D.

He starts out trying to relate modern day issues to the 613 laws in the Old Testament. He says you have to prioritize but don't worry because God has already done that for you. The 10 Commandments are the first things you should consider.

He claims that the first commandment, I am your god, to be a public statement of faith. Like just that you can make the statement on a personal level and that you can make any statement of faith. This is exactly opposite of that. That is thought police. The Christian religion doesn't want you to be anything other than Christian. "I am the lord your god" is not tolerant of other religions and it's ridiculous to think otherwise.

He goes on to explain how the "Though shalt not kill" is related to abortion. He relates it through the shedding of innocent blood. 99% of abortions occur before the embryo/fetus has to blood so that's out.

Christianity is the exact opposite of what this country is about. Christianity, a lot like Islam, is about controlling the thoughts of its believers and doesn't allow for 90% of what we do.

Created: 2017-08-14 04:40:26

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