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Debunked: Radiocarbon Dating Requires Faith

Faith for Science??

Today we are Debunking the idea that Radiocarbon dating requires faith. Genesis Apologetics is getting really disingenuous about this.

First, they try to say that the decay rates change over time. They present a strawman argument that labels the different levels of radiocarbons in the atmosphere as being changes in decay rates. Decay rates have always been proven to be constant while the actual atom that is selected to decay at any given moment is random. They want to suggest that it could have changed, therefore radiocarbon dating isn't reliable.

They try to poison the well of radiocarbon dating by bringing out a bogus report that is nowhere to be found on the internet at all. The only reference to anything they show is an HIV study that was done that has no relevance to this particular study. Even that doesn't exist anymore. The study only shows that the labs in question didn't meet performance standards that resulted in the incorrect dating of known objects.

Then he goes into his Christian spiel about how we can only trust the word of god because he was there at the beginning and penned it with his lightning cock.


Created: 2017-08-11 08:00:39

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