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Pastor Sexually Assaults Woman While Anointing her

Annointing or Exorcism

Justine Morden is a congregant of Grace Ministries in Kimball, Michigan. Recently, she went to her Pastor to repent of her sins and stengthen her relationship with god. However, the pastor didn't have any annointing oil so he asked to meet her at her apartment with one other sipulation:

However, she said the pastor told her that because she had committed sexual sins, he would have to anoint sexual parts of her body.

Well, set up the mood lighting why don't we. Later on, Justine mentioned this odd practice to her mother who promptly informed her of how that is not how anything works.

When Morden's mother told her that is not how the anointing ritual should be, she said she was shocked.

When confronted with the accusation, the Pastor said he may have slipped in the oil and it was an exorcism, not an anointing. Justine was surprised to hear this:

“I was completely shocked that he would have the audacity to say this,” Morden said.” No, I am not possessed.” 

I checked out Grace Ministries and it doesn't seem like they are Catholics at all, but there are a few protestant denominations that believe in the act of exorcism. Grace Ministries seems to be non-denomonination going with a purely biblical view of their faith. The fact that he's changing his story from annointing to exorcism. He also protested a bit too much when asked about the sexual assault claims:

When asked by investigators if he touched Morden inappropriately, Olson's answer was, “No. No. No,” according to a police report.

Time will tell on this particular case but I think that we all know that anointing someones genitals for sexual sins just seems fishy as fuck.

(via KTNV, thanks to Clinton for the link)

Created: 2017-08-10 11:15:37

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