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Evidence That Naturalism Is False, God Is Truth

No, God isn't

Today we are continuing our talk with Philip today. He says that there is plenty of evidence that naturalism is false. I ask for evidence and he gives me the big bang and biogenesis.

We cover a lot of issues on this final episode. We start out talking big bang and evolution and progress to a free will argument. He falls to the misconception about naturalism that it can't explain logic and consciousness. I try, once again, to explain how naturalism accounts for both of those things.

He also tries to say that the conversation is pointless if free will doesn't exist. I tried to explain how I don't think the traditional view of free will exists at all but he didn't seem to understand that with new information/experiences we would have a chance to make choices. Whether those choices are conscious or not, it doesn't matter.


Created: 2017-08-10 08:07:56

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