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Klingenschmitt: Democrats Are Influenced by Demons

Demons Causing Abortions

So Gordon Klingenschmitt thinks that the Democrats are demon possessed and are wanting to kill little babies. He tries to discern the spirits and figure out what spirits are leading people to fund planned parenthood. I suggest that it's the spirit of Rational Fucking Thought.

He pushes the narrative that our tax money is going to pay for the murder of babies. It isn't and he is just proving that he fear mongers his viewers. He pushes this false narrative... a strawman .. to discredit the good Planned Parenthood is doing.

He also says that those that don't have the same moral code as him are demon possessed and following the demonic spirits.

He also pushes the narrative of that we don't need healthcare because once we get right with Jesus then we will all be healed.

Created: 2017-08-03 05:26:31

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