Muslims Try To Prove God Exists With Science

Does God Exist? ... no

Today we look at why a group of Muslims thinks God exists using science to prove God exists. Basically, they use the same tired arguments that theists have always used but claim it proves that Allah of the Quran is the god. They fail to discern this god from any other god that has been thought up.

Starts out with a straw-manning of evolution and the big bang. Instead of a watch, it's a cellphone and we are told that only a designer can design complex things. That isn't true. There must be no natural processes that can create said thing to suggest it was designed by something.

Then they try to suggest that the earth is designed and that the orbit and environment of the earth have to be so precise for life to exist. This is demonstrably false by the fact that there are plenty of other planets that we have found beyond our galaxy to possibly support life. Earth is not as special or finely tuned as they like to suggest.


Created: 2017-07-31 05:03:13

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