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Activist Mommy's Parenting Tips From The Bible

Exposing Activist Mommy

Recently the Activist Mommy has been making headlines with her rants against the LGBT community.  She’s also taken to burning teen magazines because they remind her that anal sex is a thing. You would think that she has children’s well-being in mind when doing these things, she is a mother of 10 children and her family has a list of “common sense” rules for raising your children.  Luckily, she’s shared that list with the world:

  1. Children bruise easily so no shorts in public if you’ve recently beat them.
  2. Beating your kids at home is better than beating them in public.
  3. Use a Switch, a paddle, a belt, or a wooden spoon to beat your child.
  4. Make sure children cry quietly because being loud is a sign of rebellion (and can also get Social Services called on you)
  5. Don’t let social works in your home without a court order and never answer questions from a social worker without a lawyer present.

Her family calls this “pro-active child training” and gets these ideas from a single verse in proverbs

“Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it”

Proverbs 22:6

Others that have taken this particular verse as a sign from God that they should beat their children into submission include To Train Up  A Child authors Michael and Debi Pearl. This particular mindset is not uncommon to fundamentalist Christians like Activist Mommy’s family, the Johnstons.

The Johnstons do not recommend baby-proofing your house, instead suggesting that you train your child to do or not to do things by smacking them repeatedly with objects like a wooden spoon. It’s clear that they are fully aware that this type of behavior is considered abusive by the general public as their second “common sense rule” for beating your children is to hide it from outside observers because they will call social services on you (also, rule 1, hide bruises under long clothing).

Another way the Johnston's actively hidden their abuse is by using objects to beat their children because “Hands, surprisingly, can cause bruising very easily.” They even advice on how to beat a baby still in diapers saying that you’re liable to swing harder at a child with a diaper on and dislocate the child’s hip. To mitigate this they suggest smacking your child on the thighs with a wooden spoon.

They also insist on making your children cry quietly because you know how alarmed people get when a child is screaming bloody murder while getting beaten with kitchen utensils. Excessive crying was seen as rebellious and should not be tolerated. Sounds to me like the retarded kind of thinking that has you hurting a child to get them to stop crying. Again here they show how aware they are yet again that this is wrong because their main concern isn’t the rebellion but getting social services called on you.

They finally reference how to react when / if social services get called on you. Basically saying that you shouldn’t let them in without a court order and don’t answer questions without a lawyer. These people are despicable not just because of the corporal punishment but because they are hyper-aware how wrong it is and actively try to hide it from the public. This information is only available due to the internet archive. They have tried to erase this information because it’s another part of hiding their obvious abuse from public eyes.

Activist Mommy will protect her children from the horrors of safe sex by beating the fuck out of them with a paddle. She says in a blog post that Disney is defiling our children's minds

… telling Christian parents to calm down about being upset that Disney is prostituting and defiling the minds of our children, is really the LAST thing Christian parents need to hear.

Stop Telling Christians to Calm Down


I guess Christian parents need to hear how to properly beat your kids so that you don’t get social services called on you. She has shown to know that this behavior isn’t socially acceptable because she and her husband advise people on how to hide the abuse. She publishes these videos under the guise of being concerned for children’s well-being. She burned a stack of magazines to protect children while at the same time advocating for beating children with kitchen utensils.  This woman is a hypocrite of the worst kind.

Any parent who gives even a smidgen about their kids is not going to allow their children to have their minds and hearts defiled by entertainment that celebrates and laughs at what God calls an abomination.

Stop Telling Christians to Calm Down

Any parent that loves and cares for their child isn’t going to beat their baby with kitchenware in order to restrict them from certain rooms of the house.

Phew, I am so glad she is out there doing her vigilante thing by protecting teens from safe sex advice while she’s at home beating her children AND teaching others how to beat their children while dodging social workers in the process.  Good on you, Activist Mommy…good on you.



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