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Why Christianity Is True Or The Right Religion

Today we talk to Ben about why he presupposes God's existence and why he thinks Christianity is True. It boils down to the idea that the Bible says that everyone has been shown that God exists by God so there is no point in showing evidence. He thinks Christianity is true because "every world religion borrows from his." When I try to challenge him on this he says we are getting off topic and I'm avoiding questions, which I still don't understand.

His evidence for his beliefs boils down to a book. Mine is based on evidence given by our reality. He is expecting me to respond in certain ways. You can tell by when he asks me about absolute truth. He is expecting me to answer in certain ways because he has preprogrammed responses to that. I don't answer him like he wants me to so he just keeps pushing issues like morality. I haven't answered him like he wants me to answer him.

Christianity isn't the first religion with laws and codes of ethics. The Code of Hammurabi existed way before Christianity, so it's not even remotely true that all religions are pulling from the Christian world view in order to create theirs.

Created: 2017-07-19 05:05:09

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