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Pastor Locke Admits God Gives Children Cerebral Palsy

That's not the cause

Pastor Locke is now admitting God gives children cerebral palsy so that they can witness to Atheists. He basically lays out an anecdotal story about how a friend witnessed to an atheist.

Apparently, Locke has a friend with Cerebral Palsy. They went on a mission trip with GLORIOUS CRUSADES!!!! Someone tripped over his friends bum legs and then they had a conversation about Jesus. The atheist, acting in true atheist fashion, screamed at the disabled person about why God did that to his legs. Apparently, it was so they could have that conversation.

Cerebral Palsy is a horrible disorder and telling people God did it and it's a good thing is just horrible. It promotes the restriction of Cerebral Palsy information and prevention. It also instills the idea that we can't prevent these types of diseases if God wants us to have them. It's an ignorant position.


Created: 2017-07-14 08:15:08

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