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How Genetically Modified Skeptic Became An Atheist

Today we are talking with Drew from the Genetically Modified Skeptic Channel on how he became an atheist. He takes through his journey from being a fundamental Christian to a genetically modified skeptic.

Drew started out as a fundamentalist Christian. He believed in the 6000-year-old earth and Evolution was a lie. Then he started an Astronomy Class where he was exposed to facts about the universe that he hadn't of considered. How long it takes light to reach Earth from distant stars changed him from a young earth creationist to an old earth creationist almost instantly. As he studied and learned more, he eventually found himself at a crossroads in his faith.

I'm glad that stars and starlight flipped his switch a few years ago and got him to start thinking.

Created: 2017-07-13 08:52:00

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