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How Do Atheists Account For Morality?

We can, and Do

Benjamin Rice asks me how atheists account for morality in Part 1 of our discussion on God. In this section, we discuss how atheists account for morality.

It boils down to the fact that Ben doesn't like my answer. He's wanting to know where morality can into play in our human evolution. I explain to him that Morality is a human construct and that once we gained the ability to Reason as sentient creatures, we developed this sense of morality. It's a natural consequence of developing higher brain functions.

He doesn't like this answer because it doesn't fit the narrative that he prepared for. He wants to know what animal in our evolution developed morality. He seems to think that it's either Natural Selection or Morality. Those two are not even related, AT ALL. He keeps thinking that I'm not answering the question when in actuality, he's just not understanding the information.


Created: 2017-07-12 05:07:14

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