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3 Reasons Jesus Was Definitely Resurrected

He Didn't But Ok

Today we have Paula Fredriksen telling us 3 reasons Jesus was definitely resurrected. He wasn't but this historian from Boston College claims these reasons are enough to prove that it happened.

First, she explains that the news of his resurrection spread quickly and therefore mean it must have happened. Myths can develop quickly and have done so many times in the past. The Roswell UFO Landing is one of those instances and it's an instance when it should have been a lot harder. It developed in a very short amount of time. Mormonism and Scientology are also examples of how things can form religious movements even though it's based on a lie.

Second, she argues that many of the first Christians died for their beliefs it must have happened. People die all the time for things they know are lies or they believe in them so much that they don't realize they are lies. I believe that the first Christians actually thought Jesus raised from the dead. Them believing it whole-heartily doesn't make it real in history.

Finally, she claims Jesus had a brother James that was convinced he was divine. Every time I hear the James argument I want to jump off a cliff. He wasn't his literal brother, he was a general Christian. Even the words used in the Greek specify this fact. Then there is the fact that Paul was converted. None of those things cement Jesus as being Resurrected.

Created: 2017-07-06 04:55:10

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