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Noah's Flood Is The Only Explanation For Fossil Record

It never happened

So I had a lengthy discussion with someone at 855FORTRUTH and he said that Noah's flood is the only explanation for the fossil record. Basically, he denies much of science in order to back up his claim.

We start off talking about evolution and he goes straight into Noah's flood and fossils. He explains how rapid burial is needed for fossils and how we needed a worldwide flood to even have the fossils that we have today. This is a ridiculous claim of course. This guy has no understanding of the evidence that evolution and geology has.

He then tries to suggest that the only way for fossils to appear on top of Mount Everest is that a worldwide flood put them there. Mount Everest started to form 60M years ago. The material at the top of the mountain was once below sea level and then due to plate tectonics, the material was pushed up to the point it is now.


Created: 2017-07-05 05:55:49

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